Advantages of three-dimensional aluminum core composite panels

Five core advantages
1. The flatness of the board is high, and the change rate of wind pressure resistance is small
The multi-layer composite structure of the full-dimensional board makes it have an excellent rigidity-to-weight ratio. The uniform distribution of the ladder-shaped hollow protrusions in the middle layer enables the board to obtain a large force with a small weight, and its resistance to wind pressure and bending and torsion is greatly improved. Aluminum composite panel and aluminum veneer.
2. Good corrosion resistance and self-cleaning performance
The corrosion-resistant TiO2 coating has strong adhesion, has unique advantages in pollution resistance and weather resistance, and can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Proprietary titanium coating technology makes the full-dimensional board have more than 30 years of color retention.
3. Arbitrary shape to meet the beauty of personality
It can be cut, bored, milled, and rolled at will according to user needs, showing various geometric figures, fully expressing the designer's concept.
4. Good fire resistance and meets fire protection requirements
The main materials of full-dimensional panels are non-combustible substances, which meet the requirements of fire protection standards for building curtain walls.
5. Light material, easy to process and easy to install
The material is easy to transport, the installation method is simple and fast, and it is not restricted by the seasonal climate and geographical environment, which significantly shortens the engineering cycle.

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