Several advantages of CEP board

CEP board-the 11 outstanding advantages of the all-around champion are as follows:
1. High strength performance
Utilizing the latest microcellular foaming technology, the AEP board forms a firm and stable structure with super wind pressure resistance.
2. Fire and flame retardant
CEP board has non-combustibility, carbonization and no droplet performance.
3. Insulation performance
The good combination of metal, non-metal and air improves the insulation performance of the board.
4. Thermal insulation performance
Combining optical and thermal principles, the heat insulation function of the CEP board is improved.
5. Weather resistance and chemical resistance
Adopting nano-inert technology, anti-ultraviolet, acid rain resistance, can prolong the service life of CEP board.
6. Lightweight, low density
The CEP board uses microcellular foaming technology to increase the resistance to wind pressure and reduce the load-bearing and construction cost of the building.
7. Low water absorption
The low water absorption rate of 1.32% ensures that the CEP board can be used in a high-humidity environment.
8. Sound insulation performance
The 95% closed cell technology of the CEP board isolates the sound transmission path and makes the environment more peaceful.
9. "High and big" performance
The height of 6 meters makes the wood decorative panels out of reach and makes the interior decoration noble.
10. Double-sided decoration performance
The CEP double-sided pattern can be arbitrarily matched to make the partition and the background wall gorgeous and infinite.
11. Easy construction
Use traditional processing tools and techniques to shorten construction time

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