What are the excellent characteristics of aluminum cone core aviation board

1. Stable bonding performance The unique surface contact structure of aluminum cone core aviation board determines the excellent physical and mechanical properties of this product, and the flat tensile strength can generally reach 2Mpa, which can ensure stable bonding performance, firmness and durability. The same life span as the building.
2. Energy saving and environmental protection  The core plate of the aluminum cone core aviation board forms an air channel between the face plate and the back plate, which is a hollow plate system. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel heats up and flows upward to take away the heat, which has thermal insulation properties. In cold areas, the upper and lower ends of the corrugated channel are sealed, and under sunlight during the day, the heat energy is stored to reduce the loss of indoor heating heat, and it has thermal insulation properties. The product is almost 100% recycled, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
3. High flatness Aluminum-plastic composite panel is not suitable for large-slab curtain wall projects because of the thin thickness of the aluminum panel and the small bearing capacity after folding; the aluminum veneer is flat after the unit parts made of sheet metal and spraying are installed. The degree is poor; the flatness of the outer surface of the aluminum honeycomb panel is better, but the higher price limits the use of this type of product. The aluminum cone core aviation board surface has super high surface flatness, which makes the engineering facade decorated with this product have good flatness and beautiful appearance.
4. Excellent weather resistance  The faceplate of the aluminum cone core aviation board is a fluorocarbon roll-coated aluminum sheet. As we all know, the fluorocarbon resin has excellent weather resistance, easy cleaning, corrosion resistance, strong antifouling ability, and durability.
5. Light weight and economical  Aluminum cone core aviation board is 4mm thick and its specific gravity is 4.3kg/m2. Due to the small heavy load of the surface material, the structural support keel can be reduced, which is more economical.
6. Large size, improve the utilization rate of materials  The standard width of aluminum cone core aviation board is 1220mm, and the length can be customized according to needs. It can be selected reasonably for various curtain walls to improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce costs.
7. Easy to process and install
 Easy to process: it can be cut, punched, bent, and can be made into special-shaped flat plates and arc-shaped plates. The side ribs and the reinforced middle aid can be connected with rivets, which is simple and firm.
 Easy to install: fixed distance crimping, hooking, slitting, and closed joint structures can be used to ensure a smooth surface, safe and durable, and more architectural art.
 Aluminum cone core aviation board is widely used in building exterior decoration and curtain wall decoration of large public buildings, such as: airports, stadiums, convention centers, opera houses, etc.

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