The relationship between aluminum honeycomb panel customized drawings and production process

When aluminum honeycomb panels are inquired, many manufacturers will ask about the drawings. This is because in the aluminum honeycomb panel composite process, CAD drawings are required to enter the machine equipment, and then the sheet metal is processed according to the drawings, as well as the processing and composite details of the aluminum honeycomb panel. Structural design. The first step for aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers is to change all the irregular hand-drawn drawings into AUTO CAD drawings and input them into the computer, so that they can produce aluminum honeycomb panels with specifications required by customers faster. The second is the plate number of the aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb The plate number should be unified.
  The aluminum honeycomb panel uses metal sheet as the panel, cuts the material, cuts the material, and performs bending, that is, processing and forming, plus pre-processing, and then welding and polishing the contours of the aluminum honeycomb panel and the corners, using adhesive glue Glue, assemble and merge the aluminum honeycomb panel, hang the material after the pre-treatment, and the next step of the material is spraying. There are many kinds of paint materials for spraying, which can be freely selected from fluorocarbon or polyester.
  One of the most important baking processes to be completed for the production of aluminum honeycomb panels is indispensable. The baking ensures the complete formation of the coating, which can perfectly show the super high quality. The most central part of the blanking process is to be careful, handle with care and not rush. If you are not busy, there will be two situations when entering the inspection process, qualified and unqualified, the unqualified will find the problem and rework, the qualified will go to the next process for packaging, the packaged aluminum honeycomb panel will be transported to the warehouse, and then with Customized aluminum honeycomb panels are delivered.

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